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Welcome to Finn's Adventures named after our new addition to the family, a larger than life cockapoo.








While serving as a Police Officer and with my life long love and passion for animals, it seemed only natural to move onto handling Police Dogs.


After a 17 year period handling large and small canine colleagues I became the Force's Dog Section Trainer.

I retired from the Police Service in 2018 with an exemplary record.




Being brought up in large farming family I have a love for all animals. Taking an active role as a puppy walker for North Yorkshire Police, helping my canine friends to develop social and environmental skills, before being passed onto police officers for their initial training courses.


We can not forget our feline friends with our house full of cats I still couldn't resist taking an active part in local charities, helping to temporary or sometimes permanently home them!


Hence Finn's Adventures to continue our passion and love for animals. We are not part of a large franchise but a small family run business offering a personal and reliable service.

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